Who am I?

Welcome to my website- I'm so happy you're here! Here's a bit about me: I was born and raised in Jacksonville, FL, where I started taking piano lessons at age 3. From there, I fell in love with the power of music, and later, with storytelling. I grew up with immigrant grandparents from Palestine, who taught me to appreciate everything I have, and to always look for the most beautiful parts of every day. I'm obsessed with all things coffee, and laughing is my favorite sport. I thrive off of human connection, and have a passion for helping people believe in what makes them powerful. I love exploring the little things in life~ enjoying a nice cup of coffee, a long, aimless walk, or deep conversations with friends. During these scary, uncertain times, I've been so inspired by the little moments that capture my soul- a new song that won't stop playing in my head for days, the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning, and the surprise when I look up and can actually see the clouds swaying across the sky. Head over to my connect page and let me know what's been inspiring you recently!

What interests me

I recently read “Hiking the Horizontal: Field Notes from a Choreographer” by Liz Lerman, which beautifully introduces her through a paragraph of what she’s interested in. So here’s what interests me: 


I’m interested in human connection without distraction… what it takes to be brave... how often we attempt to be brave vs assuming that we’re not, and surrendering to fear… masking emotions with laughter… the desire to be perfect… the need to prove… self destruction… nature’s effect on human emotions… the instinct to run from vulnerability… how much we have to offer, but how little we believe we have… how an audience member’s mind can be relocated into the story in front of them… the assumption that we aren’t good enough… what is “good enough”? And who sets that standard?... why we run from fear instead of using it… why we fear what makes us better… the amount of confidence that we gain when we succeed, versus the amount of confidence that we lose when we feel like we’ve failed… why we feel the need to disclaim our work before receiving feedback… why it’s hard to take compliments… the fulfillment of reconnecting with an old friend… how hard it is to allow ourselves to create… the fear of missing out… the satisfaction of throwing ourselves into  art when life challenges us...



Secret Love Song by Little Mix

Living Room Floor by Sammy Rae

Maybe by Yiruma

Teach You by Emily King/ Sara Bareilles

Go On by Bella Coppola

To Be Loved- Adele



Dash and Lily

Mare of Easttown

Working Moms

Modern Love


The Long and the Short of it

The Queer Code

The Dreaded Question

Pancreas Pals

Unlocking us- Brene Brown

F*ck the Broadway Body

Simple Ideas Taken Seriously

Current favorites

I am currently

working, learning, and

growing  as a Barter Player

at Barter Theatre

in Abingdon, Va! Grab tickets to "My Imaginary Pirate" here!

I just choreographed "Jingle

All the Way" at Barter Theatre's

Moonlight Drive in stage!

Check out more of my choreography here!


Jingle all the way

A chstistmas story

I'm teaching!

When the world

shut down, I started

teaching voice and piano

lessons over zoom. Check out

my studio page for more info!

I just wrapped up playing

Esther Jane in Barter

Theatre's Production of A Christmas Story. Currently understudying "9 to 5" and

"Always a Bridesmaid"!

Get tickets here!

just happened?

I graduated in May 2020 from The University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Major: Musical Theatre. 


I was preparing to choreograph "Seven Brides for Seven brothers" and play Maria in "9 to 5" in Newark, OH!

bFa musical theatre

I graduated in May 2020 from The University of Alabama at


Major: BFA Musical Theatre with

studies with choreography

I was a performer and dance

captain in Barter Theatre's

Rockin at the Moonlight

Drive in theatre show!

What's new? 


 Let's connect! 




Instagram: @lillyanayeh @a_lil_diabetic

Youtube: @LillyAnayeh

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